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Disney Vinylmation Animation
Series #3 9-inch Chernabog

Disney Vinylmation
Mystery Popcorns
Chernabog Pin, May 2013

Disney Villains Pen
Chernabog Large Character Face
Tokyo Disneyland Exclusive 2001
"Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom: Underworld Champion" T-Shirt featuring Chernabog
Walt Disney World Resort Exclusive
Chernabog Mickey Mouse Ear Hat
Christmas Ornament,
Disney Parks Exclusive
Limited Edition of 6500

Disneyland Golden Screams Award Ceremony
"Best Scream" Chernabog Trophy (RARE!)
Vinylmation Popcorns, Chernabog
Released: September 2012

Disney Vinylmation: Villains Series 3
Chernabog Figure
70th Anniversary "Fantasia" Snow globe
featuring Chernabog
Disney Pop!
Vinyl Figure by Funko
#43 Series 4, Chernabog

Funko Pop/Disney, SDCC 2012
San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive
Sorcerer Mickey & Chernabog
Variant Figure Set, LE 480

Chernabog Maquette
Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive
Disney Villains Bands, Series 1,
Elastic Bracelets featuring Chernabog
Disney World Collector Pack
Series 13 Villains, Chernabog Figure

PINS 2012

"13 Event Countdown Collections" - Chernabog
Walt Disney World Resort Exclusive
Released: 12/20/2012
Limited Edition of 750
"Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom"
Mystery Pin Set - Chernabog
Released: 2012
Chernabog Happy Halloween 2012
Cast Member Pin
Limited Edition 1500
Mickey Halloween Party 2012
Villains Mystery Pin
Chernabog Chaser LE 150

Chernabog from
Wicked Fun For Everyone Collector's pin set
Halloween, 2012
Mickey's Circus Disney Event Villain Mystery Pin Chernabog Ticket Chaser LE 100

Disney Mickey's Circus Sinister Sideshows Chernabog Winged Wonder Limited Release Pin
Released: September 7-8, 2012

Walt Disney Family Museum,
Fantasia Chernabog Pin

Disney’s Animated Magic & Memories:
A Halloween Treat - 6 Pin Set - Fantasia

PINS 2011

Disney Villains, Comic Book Pin, Chernabog
"Meanwhile On Bald Mountain"
(w/ Misprint: "Meanwhile on Bald Moutain")

Walt Disney Imagineering
Chernabog Sorcerer Pin
 Limited Edition 200
Chernabog Mystery Pin
Villain Frame Series, LE 300
Release Date: 3/26/2011

PINS 2010

Fantasia 70th Anniversary Pin
Featuring Chernabog
Release Date: 12/09/2010
"World Of Color", Cast Exclusive
Chernabog, LE 300 Pin
Disney's California Adventure
Released: June 2010

Willabee & Ward Walt Disney
Pin Collection #45
Chernabog 1940
Halloween 2010 Pin Set
"Walt Disney's Fantasia - Chernabog"
Release Date: 9/06/2010
Walt Disney World Resort Exclusive
Jumbo Paint Drip
Chernabog Pin LE 300
Released: May 10, 2010

Released: 2010?
2010 Walt Disney Imagineering
Cast Exclusive LE 300 Lenticular Pin
Villain I.D. Badge # 13 CHERNABOG

Gold Coin
Walt's Classic Collection
Fantasia Chernabog Pin
Released: 3/18/2010
Mystery Collection Pin
Release Date: January 28, 2010
Hidden Mickey Pin
Magic Mirror Collection

PINS 2009

spinner09.jpg (29526 bytes)
Jumbo Spinner Chernabog Pin
LE 250
Disney Store Exclusive
Walt Disney World® Resort
Ear Globe - Chernabog
Release Date: 10/08/09
flag_pin09.jpg (20707 bytes)
Mystery Character Flags - Chernabog
Release Date: 07/02/2009
Walt Disney World Exclusive

Limited Edition Chernabog Pin

coin_pin.jpg (110747 bytes)
Pin-tiquities Event
Ancient Coin Chernabog Mystery Pin
Walt Disney World, EPCOT Exclusive
Release Date: 06/26/2009
Donald_Chernabog.jpg (25304 bytes)*
The Museum of Pin-tiquities
"Art - Chernabog and Donald"
Walt Disney World, EPCOT Exclusive
Release Date: 06/26/09
bottlecap.jpg (39670 bytes)*
Chernabog Mystery Bottle Caps LE 500
Date: 06/25/2009
Walt Disney World
CelebratePin09.jpg (121202 bytes)*
"Celebrate Everyday! - Chernabog"
ReleaseDate: 06/04/2009
Disney Resorts
proofpin09.jpg (13306 bytes)
Stitch & Chernabog
Artist Proof Pin 
Stitch VS Villains Pin Set 
Limited Edition of 100
Release Date: 5/27/09
ClassicPin2009.jpg (162101 bytes)*
"Walt's Classic Collection - Fantasia - Chernabog"
Disneyland Exclusive
Release Date: 03/13/09
black_monorail09.jpg (24623 bytes)*
Gold Card Collection
Black Monorail - Chernabog
Release Date: 01/22/2009

PINS 2008

VillainsEvil2Pin.jpg (53785 bytes)*
Villains Series - Evil 2: Chernabog
Disneyland Exclusive
LE of 1000
Released: 11/02/08
Halloween 2008 Chernabog
LE 250
Crest08Pin.jpg (59474 bytes)*
Character Crest Collection 2008: Chernabog
10 of 12, LE of 1500
Disney World Exclusive
Released: 10/9/08
Villains2008.jpg (12554 bytes)*
2008 Villain Series: Chernabog
Limited 500
Released: 8/4/08
10906414.jpg (155568 bytes)*
"Where Dreams Come True - Chernabog"
Limited Edition, Walt Disney World Exclusive
Release Date: 08/01/08
2008pin1.jpg (35536 bytes)*
Chernabog - Fantasia Pin
Released: July 2008
b22f_1.jpg (24790 bytes)*
"Magical Monorail Collection - Chernabog" LE
Walt Disney World Exclusive
Release Date: 04/15/08

PINS 2007

3590_1.jpg (14390 bytes)
Chernabog LE Pin?
CrystalBallPin.jpg (27796 bytes)*
Chernabog Crystal Ball 
Hidden Mickey Pin
0a70_1.jpg (24855 bytes)*
Chernabog LE Pin, 2007
Limited Edition 250
FireworksPin.jpg (30959 bytes)
Chernabog's Fireworks Mystery pin series
Disney Direct 4 pin set
MillionDreams.jpg (148310 bytes)*
"Year of a Million Dreams -
Chernabog" Pin
Release Date: 10/01/07
Walt Disney World Exclusive
JeweledPin2007.jpg (148373 bytes)*
"Chernabog - Jeweled"
Walt Disney World Resort, Open Edition
Release Date: 09/11/07
Halloween07Pin.jpg (67278 bytes)*
"Halloween 2007 - Villains Collection - Chernabog"
Walt Disney World Resort
Release Date: 09/06/07

15CMChernabog.jpg (34400 bytes)*
Chernabog Hidden Mickey Pin 3 of 6
Disneyland Resort Exclusive
Release Date: 9/01/07

fridaythe13th2007.jpg (38164 bytes)*
"Friday the 13th 2007, Chernabog"
Disneyland Exclusive
Limited Edition 1000
Release Date: 03/25/07

PINS 2006

LEPin06.jpg (19286 bytes)*
2006 Limited Edition Chernabog Pin

GoodVSEvilPin06.jpg (39098 bytes)*
Chernabog - Good vs. Evil Pin Card Collection

Disneyland Exclusive
Released: 09/08/06

goofy.jpg (65345 bytes)*
Goofy - Halloween Chernabog

Disneyland Exclusive
Released: 08/06/06

FoldingWings.jpg (60958 bytes)*
Chernabog, Folding Wings Pin
Walt Disney World Exclusive
 Released: 05/16/06

StitchPin1.jpg (28640 bytes)*
Stitch as Chernabog
Halloween 2006
From DisneyLand Paris
halloween06.jpg (62233 bytes)*
Halloween Chernabog 2006
Limited Edition 500

PINS 2005

AnniversaryPin.jpg (43967 bytes)
Chernabog Fantasia 
65th Anniversary Pin
Limited Edition of 250
2005 Villains Portrait Pins Set #3
Limited Edition of 750
CastPinHalloween.jpg (21763 bytes)*
Disneyland Resort Cast Members 
Exclusive LE 3000 Halloween Pin
Halloween05Chernabog.jpg (39448 bytes)*
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2005 - Chernabog over Cinderella Castle
Released: 10/30/05
MickeyChernabog.jpg (50941 bytes)*
Mickey Mouse - Dressed as Chernabog Pin
Released: 10/07/05
StitchChernabog10_05.jpg (46003 bytes)
Stitch as Chernabog
Released: 10/7/05
Lanyard4_05.jpg (40907 bytes)*
Walt Disney World
Cast Lanyard Collection 4 of 5 
Released: 09/09/05
CelebrationPin_Chernabog.jpg (16968 bytes)*
Happiest Pin Celebration On Earth
Walt Disney World Epcot Exclusive
Released: 09/09/05
AugustPinLE250.jpg (25057 bytes)

Disney Auctions Exclusive
Released: 08/18/05
StitchChernabog.jpg (36011 bytes)*
Stitch as Chernabog with Goofy 
Pin LE 500, Released: 06/02/05 Exclusive
DeathValleyPin.jpg (33816 bytes)*
Pin Route 498 "Death Valley" Pin LE 300
Villains Pin Route 498
Released: 04/30/05

EvilPin.jpg (12419 bytes)*
Villain Collection - Chernabog "Evil"
Released: 01/10/2005

PINS 2004

Pin04_1.jpg (29345 bytes)*
Fantasia Villains Collection
Chernabog with Spirits
Released: 12/14/04
BigPin.jpg (19784 bytes)
Villainous Voyage 2004
Super Jumbo Pin
Disney Cruise Line Exclusive
Released: 11/14/04
ArtistChoicePin.jpg (22203 bytes)*
Lights, Camera, Pins! Event Exclusive
Artist: Martha Widener, LE of 1000
Chernabog/Fantasia Pin
Released: 03/27/2004
FlamePin.jpg (31224 bytes)*
"Being Bad" Villain Series
Released: 02/29/2004
Vilainsday.jpg (75002 bytes)VillainsdayPin.jpg (29559 bytes)*
Happy "Villaintine's" Day
Chernabog Completion Pin
Released: 02/04/2004
2004VillainPinFold.jpg (82834 bytes)*
Chernabog & Villains
Unfolding Pin

Fantasia Villain Collection
Chernabog with Wings
Disneyland Exclusive

Released: 12/14/2004
VillanousVoyage04.jpg (27482 bytes)*
Disney Cruise Line
Villainous Voyage 2004
Limited Edition Pin
Villainous Voyage04Pin.jpg (21101 bytes)*
A Villainous Voyage 2004 Pin

PINS 2003- 2001

chernabogpostcard1.jpg (78525 bytes)
Bald Mountain Postcard Pin,
Released: August 25, 2003
chernabogicecreampin1.jpg (17773 bytes)chernabogicecreampin2.jpg (31814 bytes)*
Fantasia Sundaes Chernabog
Special pin w/ ice cream
Released: July 06, 2003
4th Collectable Pin
Disneyland Exclusive
Released: January 12, 2003

HornedKingPin1.jpg (22351 bytes)HornedKingPin.jpg (23480 bytes)*
Horned King Pin w/ fold out Chernabog
Limited Edition, Signed by artist Keri Murphy,
Walt Disney World Journey Through Time Pin Celebration Artist Choice 2003

Chernabog Collector Pin
Disneyland Exclusive
Released: 09/01/02
1st collectable pin, 2001


1997 Walt Disney World Disneyana Convention
Ear Frame, Chernabog

Walt Disney World Happy Haunts Ball
Ghoulish Gathering Framed Set pin

October 2004
Chernabog Mini-Button,
Disney World Exclusive
2005PinSet.jpg (13067 bytes)2005PinSetSingle.jpg (30678 bytes)
Disney Villains Mirror, 8 Pin Framed Set w/ Chernabog
Released: December 27, 2005
289e_1.jpg (23376 bytes)
Disney Auctions Exclusive LE Pin
Chernabog "Pin-a-Palooza", 
November/December 2004
ParisPin.jpg (35329 bytes)*
Disneyland Paris Exclusive
Mystery #6 LE Pin
Voyage04.jpg (24165 bytes)*
Villainous Voyage 2004
Reissue Pin

Cast Member Favorite
Chernabog - 2003

BadBoysVillainsPin.jpg (27900 bytes)*
Disney Villains
Bad Boys Exclusive Pin
LoverBoyPin.jpg (22860 bytes)*
"Lover Boy" Chernabog Gold finished Pin
Limited Edition 1000
Disney Auctions Exclusive
chernabogpin3A.jpg (25456 bytes)*
3rd Collector Pin
Disney Villains set 1 of 7
IGiveYouFire_Pin.jpg (19503 bytes)
"I Give You Fire" LE Pin
JokeBook.jpg (23976 bytes)*
Joke Book Cover Pin LE 500
FanClubPin.jpg (22270 bytes)*
CHERNABOG Fan Club LE 500 Pin
FacePin.jpg (9725 bytes)*
Chernabog's Face Pin
Disney Auctions Exclusive
GomesLEPin.jpg (12599 bytes) 
Elisabete Gomes Disney Auction pin, LE 100

Limited Edition Disney Villains Pin
Pin1.jpg (16683 bytes)*
Exclusive Pin
Disney Pin Traders Club
FantasiaNote.jpg (17675 bytes)*
"Fantasia" Boxed Pin Set
w/ Chernabog
Limited Edition of 1000
Lanyard.jpg (25272 bytes)*
Exclusive Trading Pin
Villains Starter Kit
DisneyanaPin97.jpg (17291 bytes)*
Walt Disney Gallery
1997 Disneyana Convention 
Promotional Pin


Original Chernabog Sketch
by Disney Artist Gene Honda
Art of Disney Store, Downtown Disney
Off_the_Page_Sketch2005.jpg (100416 bytes)JoleneArtist.jpg (107638 bytes)*
Exclusive Character Sketch from 
Disney's California Adventure at 
"Off the Page" by Jolene, Disney artist

Disney Villains Store promo art
''Night on Bald Mountain''
Framed Pin Set
chernabog08.jpg (16128 bytes)*
Limited edition animation cell 
form "Fantasia" (1940)
Also available as mat print
Lithograph 'Evil Emerges' 
from "Fantasia" (1940)
GalleryPainting.jpg (40186 bytes)
"Night on Bald Mountain" 
LE Giclée by Mike Kupka's
Walt Disney World, EPCOT



D23 2009, Chernabog Collectible Figure
MINDstyle and Sideshow Collectibles
Released: July 2010
Exclusive Etched Glass Goblet
from Arribas Bros. in Downtown Disney

Chernabog chess piece (King) from Disney Villains Chess Set Limited Edition, Disney Credit Card Holder Exclusive, 1997
GardenStatue.jpg (13817 bytes)*
Chernabog Garden Statue
Imported, Bronze patina, 
Sculpted resin, 13 3/8'' H
WDCC_2007.jpg (62858 bytes)FlyerSymphony1.jpg (36981 bytes)
"Symphony of Evil" Sculpture LE 1000
w/ Advertisement Flyer
Walt Disney Classics Collection
Sculpted by Rubén Procopio
Released: December 2006
Sideshow Collectibles
goofy_chernabog.jpg (25529 bytes)
Disney Goofy as Chernabog Halloween 
figurine by Cody Reynolds 
(character artist, Disney Design Group)
ChernabogSculpture1.jpg (61211 bytes)ChernabogSculpture2.jpg (56314 bytes)
Legends Fine Art Sculpture
Frontchernobog_card_front.jpg (71447 bytes)Backchernobog_card_back.jpg (59453 bytes)*
Disney Treasures Trading Card #11, 
Villains: Chernabog - Fantasia, 
Upper Deck, 2003
StainedGlassLamp.jpg (65964 bytes)*
Chernabog Commemorative 
Stained-Glass Lamp
Limited Edition of 1000
PewterMini.jpg (14415 bytes)
"Fantasia" Pewter Miniature
Set #1 of 2 including Chernabog
Limited Edition of 1000
JumboGlow.jpg (32686 bytes)*
Chernabog Glow-in-the-Dark
 Jumbo Pin
Release Date: 12/04/05
Walt Disney World Exclusive
Chernabog_PressedCoin.jpg (18642 bytes)
2000 Disneyland Divas Villains
 Pressed Quarter
Made Oct. 26, 2000
ChernabogWatch.jpg (39060 bytes)ChernabogWatchSet.jpg (45687 bytes)*
Limited edition figurine with watch
BookWatch.jpg (22695 bytes)97Watch.jpg (40699 bytes)
Official Disneyana Convention Limited Edition Villains Watch & Spell book box
Disney Villains Limited Edition Glass Sculpture

Limited edition statue 1997

Limited Edition pewter statue

Disney Villains/Divas Limited Edition Silver Coin

ChernabogOrnament99.jpg (38704 bytes)
Chernabog Ornament, 1999 WDW christmas convention and the Disneyana Covention by Disney artist Susan Nardine, 25 Limited Edition Pieces

Coin09.jpg (41238 bytes)
Character Coins - Chernabog
Release Date: 01/08/2009
Walt Disney World Resort

Limited Edition Chernabog
Painted Resin Model
Created by Bob Bagy



Disneyland Chernabog
(Brown) Trucker Hat
"Don't Ask Me!"
Disneyland Chernabog
Baseball Cap
Cap_TearingOut.jpg (72865 bytes)*
Chernabog "Tearing Out" Baseball Cap, 
Disney Villains Collection
ChernabogShirt08.jpg (116494 bytes)*
Chernabog T-Shirt, 2008
Disney Hollywood Studios
 Villains Store Exclusive
TalesMysteryTshirt.jpg (116344 bytes)*
"Tales of Mystery" Comic Book Chernabog T-Shirt
Disney Store, Studio Collection, Special Edition, 2007
TShirt_Black.jpg (81818 bytes)*
Black T-Shirt w/ logo
Hat06.jpg (25432 bytes)*
Chernabog Hat w/ Light-Up Eyes, 2006
ChoppersHat2.jpg (20324 bytes)*
Chernabog Choppers Adult ball cap
"Forged From The Fiery 
Depth of Bald Mountain
Disneyland Resort Exclusive
ChopperHatFront.jpg (46696 bytes)ChopperHatBack.jpg (32399 bytes)*
Chernabog Choppers Baseball Hat
ChernabogJerseyFront.jpg (13226 bytes)ChernabogJerseyBack.jpg (12401 bytes)
Chernabog Hockey Jersey
JerseyFront.jpg (19315 bytes)JerseyBack.jpg (13756 bytes)*
 Chernabog "Demons" Jersey
chernabogcostume1.jpg (40278 bytes)chernabogcostume2.jpg (31084 bytes)*
Chernabog Children's
Halloween Costume (1999)
Sweatshirt.jpg (39325 bytes)
Cap.jpg (26435 bytes)*
Chernabog Childs Baseball Cap
TshirtDisneyland.jpg (26233 bytes)
DisneyLand Villains T-shirt
LongSleeveFront.jpg (17518 bytes)LongSleeveBack.jpg (16712 bytes)
Chernabog "Evil" Long Sleeve Shirt
Tshirt-purple.jpg (23110 bytes)
Fantasia Chernabog
Retro T-Shirt
BowlingShirtFront.jpg (23731 bytes)BowlingShirtBack.jpg (29450 bytes)
Chernabog Choppers Bowling Shirt
T-Shirt & Sweatshirt
Chernabog Night-Shirt?



HalloweenMug.jpg (74816 bytes)*
Chernabog & Sorcerer Mickey
Halloween Mug 
2007, Disney Store Exclusive
PVC08.jpg (13930 bytes)*
Chernabog from PVC Villains Set, 2008
GoofyPlush.jpg (31016 bytes)*
Goofy as Chernabog Plush
Halloween 2006
Tronics.jpg (46216 bytes)*
Disney "TRONICS: GvE" (Good VS. Evil)
Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey Mouse 
VS. Chernabog
Walt Disney Park Exclusive Toy

MensWatch.jpg (15817 bytes)
Men's Oversize "Evil" Watch

Halloween06Lanyard.jpg (53275 bytes)
Lanyard Medal - Dressed as Disney Villains

Walt Disney World Exclusive
Released: 09/12/06

Disney Wild Racers Toy cars (Turbo Terror (Chernabog) & Screamin' Demon 
(Hades from 'Hercules')
DisneyRacerChernabog.jpg (63044 bytes)*
Chernabog Disney Racers
Toy Car (Single)
Disney Parks Exclusive
TradingMedalPin.jpg (46198 bytes)*
2004 Trading Medal
PVC figurine
Glow-in-the-dark magnet
chernabogcandletop.jpg (19461 bytes)*
Candle/Jar Topper
Mug1.jpg (61026 bytes)*
Coffee Mug
Glow in the dark sticker
ChernabogClock.jpg (31592 bytes)
Disney Villains Clock

Villains/Chernabog Notepad
chernabogpen.jpg (26190 bytes)
Ballpoint pen
chernabog02.jpg (36486 bytes)
Disney Villains Promo art
chernabogcard.jpg (24331 bytes)
Mug.jpg (39237 bytes)*
Chernabog Disney Villains 
Coffee Mug
Doll.jpg (36790 bytes)*
Chernabog Beanie
Fantasia/Chernabog Exclusive "Evil" Watch
chernaboglanyard.jpg (27565 bytes)chernaboglanyard1.jpg (35968 bytes)*
chernabogbutton.jpg (13980 bytes)*
Paperweight.jpg (17607 bytes)
Swarovski Crystal Paperweight, 
The Arribas Brothers Collection,
 LE 750, UK, 2000
Light-up button
Special edition golf ball
DisneyanaMorphPin97.jpg (20517 bytes)*
Walt Disney Gallery
1997 Disneyana Convention
Morphing Button
BadBoysMagnet.jpg (25238 bytes)*
"Bad Boys"
Disney Villains Magnet
keychain1.jpg (23169 bytes)*
Chernabog Keychain
Make/Date Unknown





Disclaimer: Chernabog and his likeness are © Disney.
This is a private fan page based on the character Chernabog that appeared in "Fantasia" (1940)
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